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Melissa believes in the healing power of families.  Therapists see youth once a week at most, while families and caregivers are there 24/7.  Emotion-Focused Family Therapy trains parents and caregivers to become emotional and behaviour coaches for their loved ones.  Parents can learn these skills and take on these roles regardless of their child's level of motivation or involvement in formal treatment.


Melissa will support you in learning:

1) Recovery coaching: assisting loved ones - regardless of age - in the interruption of symptoms and maladaptive behaviours (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, behavioural problems, etc)

2) Emotion coaching: supporting loved ones to approach, process and manage stress, emotions and emotional pain.

3) Relationship repair: healing possible wounds from the child or family's past in order to help loved ones to let go and move forward.

4) Caregiver support: working through and resolving the fears and obstacles that surface within the caregiver during this challenging and novel journey.


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